Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling Better...

To start with, I should probably apologize for the previous post, and all the whiney posts I've made in the past. It happens. I started to delete them, but in a way, I think it would be dishonest. So I'm one of those people who has a blog that occasionally gets self-pitying and whiney. So what? C'est la vie. People can't be perfect, and trying to be perfect is what causes my eventual descent into that kind of crap. I'll try to avoid it in the future. :>

I'm back on top of the world, today. I had a visit from a cousin (second cousin? One removed? Have no idea, actually.) last week. We went out to the lake and took photographs, and we ate cheese crackers and sausages, and we sat around talking about crazy spiritual theories that may or may not be true, but sure make life a lot more interesting. Basically, we had a blast. I'd forgotten what it's like to have family that you don't have to guard against, so it helped tremendously.

One thing that came to my attention while he was visiting is that I was completely unaware of how much energy I was spending on other people. I think that's part of what drags me down. I mean, I knew I was one of those people who occasionally wastes energy, but this is kind of the equivalent of a starving person giving away the last of their food. It doesn't help me, and it probably doesn't help the other person, either, because it leaves me in a position where I can't help /myself/, much less other people.

So I'm working on that. Today I made some money writing. I have the potential to make a lot more, so I'm going to spend the afternoon writing. It's not the most "fun" writing job...but heck, I'm getting paid to write! That's pretty wonderful. (Actually, just getting paid is pretty wonderful...)

I also have another internet writing project in the works that will be much more fun, but I'll probably make a more official announcement later through Facebook, where more people will see it. For now, it's a secret. :>

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