Tuesday, April 19, 2011

But what do you really want?

This has been a hard month for me, as probably anyone who has been around me knows, but I'll try to make this post less depressing than the last. :>

Last night, I started venting with a distant relative on Facebook who was very kind to listen and offer some feedback to help get me thinking about my situation.

At one point, he asked what my long-term plan was. My immediate response was to detail my plan for the next year that involves finishing my degree and paying off my student loans while living rent-free. (Well, it's not /free/. I have to work on the house while I'm there! You know, and probably babysit from time to time.)

I felt like this was a pretty good plan, all things considered. This plan will certainly reduce my financial stress, and will even improve my quality of life faster than just about anything else I could do. That's a valid goal, right?

His response was, "But why did you go to school? What do you really want to do? Your ambition? Your dream? Your passion?"

His question kind of pulled me up short, because he makes a valid point.

I have lost my passion.

You're supposed to want more. You're supposed to have ambition. You're supposed to have a dream.

But let's get real and think about it for a second. Isn't wanting more what got us all in this mess in the first place?

Isn't it misplaced idealism that put our country massively in debt?

Isn't it ambition that crippled our economy?

Isn't it wanting more that caused the housing market to crash?

Why isn't it okay to just want 'enough'?

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