Thursday, January 6, 2011

Planting seeds of success

When I was a little girl, my grandfather had a garden. When I was very young, this amounted to an acre of land where they basically planted a small patch of some kind of beans or peas.

After my grandfather had ploughed up the yard, I can remember walking barefoot down the neat rows of long, piled up soil. My grandfather would punch a hole in the ground with his thumb, and I would drop in three beans.

One time, I asked him why we put three beans in instead of just one.

"Because some of them won't grow. This way, hopefully at least one will make it."

This seems like a great life philosophy to me. I figure that if you are constantly planting the seeds of success, it's inevitable that some of those seeds will start to bear fruit.

For the past few months I've been operating on this philosophy, and I think it may be changing my life for the better. I've stop looking for immediate results, and when one of my seeds does start to grow, I'm able to feel thankful for that small blessing, instead of feeling disappointed that the other seeds failed.

Basically, I'm more patient with myself and with the world. I'm less frustrated. In general, I'm happier. I highly recommend this paradigm shift for anyone who finds themselves stressing out at the "perfectionism" end of the scale, or frozen for fear of failure.

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