Monday, December 6, 2010

Why you shouldn't wait for the holidays to give to charity.

1. Studies have shown that there is only a small correlation between money and happiness. Once your basic needs are taken care of (shelter, food, etc.), having addition money to spend on nonsense does not necessarily make you a lot happier. Ultimately, it has more to do with how you spend your money than how much you have.

2. Studies have shown that giving to charity does correlate with happiness. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot. In one study, as little as $5 spent on another person gave a significant boost in happiness.

3. It’s a tax write-off. Up to 20% of your income can be donated to qualified charities tax-free. Don’t like the way the government is spending your money? Here’s one way to make sure they’re getting less of it.

4. Any society fares best when each individual acts upon what is best for all of society, rather than acting solely upon their own interests. This goes against human nature, but isn’t it worth trying to make the world a better place? If nothing else, our children will thank us for it.

5. The richer you are, the less likely you are to give to charity. Studies have apparently shown that wealthy people who give less are short on empathy and compassion. Now be honest with me… No matter how well off you are, do you really want to live in a world devoid of empathy and compassion?

6. People will like you better. If people like you, they will want to help you out when you need it. This is not a myth. This is how social interaction works. Be good to the people around you, and they will be good to you. And if they aren’t, maybe you should seriously rethink how you choose your friends.

7. Ultimately, it just makes you feel good. And if you’ve got such a load of guilt that you feel the need to create a list of reasons why you shouldn’t be giving to charity, you need that boost more than any of us do.


  1. I'm so with you on this.

    I don't know why it always seems to be about "me me me!"

    Unfortunately I can’t convince my immediate or extended family, so this year I am just donating extra on my own.

    And it's like that Friends episode - it's selfish still, because it MAKES US FEEL GOOD, TOO! So everyone win.

    Anyway, I'll shut up now. Found you through The Blogess.

  2. @Stephanie: Comment away. It's nice to hear from some of the people who are reading. :)

    My favorite is the study that showed that giving to charity caused a greater and longer lasting increase in happiness than spending money on yourself. :>