Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zombie Love Song

So, a while back a friend requested that I help her write a zombie love song. We collaborated on the lyrics (she mostly came up with the good ideas, I just made the word stress work) and I wrote the music. If I'm lucky, I may get a recording of them performing it, but for now I thought I'd share it here. And if anyone figures out what it takes to attach a midi file to this, maybe I can actually share the tune, too. :P


I remember the days when we courted,
Your words could set fire to my heart!
Now all you can do is to spurn me,
and I feel like I'm falling apart.

My love, my love, my darling
Why do you treat me this way?
My love, my love, my darling
Without you I rot and decay

I remember the nights that you held me,
Your eyes shone in the pale moonlight.
To keep those eyes safely with me,
From their sockets I’d pluck them tonight

I imagine our time spent together
Watching the townsfolk expire
I’d behead a small child just for you
And we’d dine by the light of the fire

And when we are finally united
Our two hearts so eager to mesh
Quite gently I'll nip at your noggin
And relish the taste of your flesh

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