Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Perspective on Public Health Care...

I have often found myself drawn into debates about the subject of public health care. Frankly, I feel that the healthcare system in America is broken, but I'm not completely certain what the solution is. However, I do have something I would like to point out...

The number one argument that I hear against public health care is that people don't want to have to pay taxes for other people's health care.

Here is my question: Do they not understand how health insurance works? How do they think the health insurance companies make money? Every month that you pay that insurance premium and don't get sick, you are paying the health care costs of someone who did get sick. Not only that, but you're paying enough that the company still manages to make a ridiculous profit.

So where would you rather your money went? Straight to the doctors who care for you (even if it's paying for someone else's care), or straight into the pockets of the health insurance company?

Come on, people. Just think about your stance before reacting with your gut. That’s all I ask.

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