Saturday, May 22, 2010

She had it coming? Really? .....Really?

I've been watching a show called "What Would You Do?" lately. It's a show where they stage outrageous scenes to see how people react. For example, they have an actor obviously stealing a bicycle, and have secret cameras to see if anyone steps in to stop him.

I've noticed a disturbing trend on this show. When women are being victimized in some way, many times someone will stand up for her...but only if she not dressed in a revealing fashion. The moment she puts on a short skirt or a low-cut top, people suddenly stop trying to help. And I'm not talking about a mini skirt and pasties here. I'm talking about a touch of cleavage, or a skirt cut slightly above the knees. This trend continues even if the woman has been given makeup so that she appears to have clear signs of spousal abuse (such as a black eye, cut on the lip, scrapes, etc).


I tried to do more formal research, but it's difficult to find any reliable studies on the topic. There are some polls and questionnaire studies, but I find it difficult to believe that most people would be honest when flat-out asked their opinion. Based on my own experiences in life, I would be willing to bet that most people, even if they say loudly that women never deserve to be victimized, would turn into hypocrites the moment they were presented with an opportunity to actually act upon their professed beliefs.

Here is my message to the world: No, she was not asking for it. No, she did not deserve it. No, there is nothing wrong with the female body, or with showing it off. No, men do not have "uncontrollable primal urges." Women will never be truly equal in our society until we stop propagating these ridiculous myths.

Rape is a crime of hate, not a matter of sexual desire. Men who harass women do so because of their need to be in power over another person. Would you say that a woman who was tall, thin, and stereotypically attractive was more deserving of rape than a short, fat, cross-eyed woman? No? Then it shouldn't matter if she is wearing clothes designed to make her more attractive. Period.

Get over yourself and your bigotry. The way you choose to dress does not make you better than another person. If you are fooling yourself into thinking you couldn't find yourself in her situation, you are a bigger idiot than the douchebag who was harassing the woman in the first place.

(And in a side note: No, girls, if you are fat it is not okay to make rude comments about a skinny girl's clothing just because it makes you feel better. I know you have your own hang-ups induced by societal stupidity, but that does not give you the right to turn around and victimize someone else.)

That is all.

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